Summary – Diaspora With A Future – Saturday, 11.07.2020

Fellow Nigerians, On behalf of the NIDO Swiss board, I would like to thank everyone that participated in today’s webinar; Diaspora with a Future – with focus on Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Switzerland and Nigeria.

A special thanks to his Excellency, Ambassador Baba Madugu for gracing us with his presence.

The NIDO Swiss board would also like to reiterate its appreciation to Mr. Henry Erimodafe, CEO Inova Capital AG, for presenting and sharing insightful information on this investment opportunity. The session explored how best to prepare your retirement and future in Switzerland as well as in Nigeria with financial models and practical examples.

For direct inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to Mr. Henry Erimodafe. Mailto: Phone Number: +41789233377

In the meantime, please find attached a summary of the presentation slides shared during the webinar pdf

Upcoming Session in August, 2020

15-08-2020 | Swiss Political Awareness Forum Guest: Ernest Omoruyi, Board member of EVP Winterthur. Nik Gugger – Member of the National Council of Switzerland.

22-08-2020 | NextGEN – Young Nigerians Living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Keynote Speaker/Special Guest: Urs Althaus, (Swiss – Nigerian & Hollywood Actor & Author) ( This session will focus on the Next Generation of Nigerians sharing their experiences, dreams and aspirations. Please help us share the message across to your children.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

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