In line with the Central Vision of NIDO Europe, NIDO Swiss is to bring Nigerians living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein together and to identify those willing to offer their skills (Education, Information Technology, Health, Economic, science, Administration, Law, Political and Corporate Governance, Management, etc.) to assist Nigeria’s national development.

These skills will be needed in developmental projects by government and non-governmental organizations. NIDO Swiss, as a result, requires those Nigerians living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein who can afford to spend a period of time in Nigeria to contribute their skills to help Nigeria’s developmental process.

NIDO Swiss provides a unique opportunity for Nigerians living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to learn to work and collaborate with one another in the task of nation-building of our homeland. The organization strongly believes that Nigerians in Switzerland and Liechtenstein can make significant contributions towards Nigeria through programs, policies, and advocacy to harness their talents, expertise, and resources for Nigeria’s development and nation-building.