The central vision of NIDO Swiss is to bring Nigerians living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein together and to identify those willing to offer their skills (Education, Information Technology, Health, Economic, science, Administration, Law, Political and Corporate Governance, Management etc.) to assist Nigeria’s national development.

Integration & Nation Building

  •  Providing a forum for Cultural activities and exchange
  •  Encouraging and aiding interested groups and individuals to promote culture and traditional languages
  •  Preserving our culture, language and values for the NextGen.
  • Organising cultural activities and events

Empowerment and Next GENs

  • Women & Youth empowerment
  • Social gathering

Jobs and career

  • Linking you to your ideal Job; and Career Start, Development or change – in every area of your Specialty
  • Connecting you to reliable platforms, Specialist Advice, CV-Review and Coaching

Investment / Entrepreneurship

  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Dreamland
  •  Building a cohort of entrepreneurs that are Value-Driven, by building: Trust & Code of Ethics, Intrinsic Value and Solidarity in Prosperity
  •  Aggregating innovative technical development, business systems & administration
  • Adopting and implementing new technologies in traditional sectors, Adopting Smart contracts, Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Reputable systems, Reward & Loyalty programs
  • Business advisory services, Quality & Reporting, Voting & Governance, and continuous learning and development

Networking and Social GROWTH

  • A platform for the exchange of Experience, Knowledge and Information
  • Connect you with the right contact/resources
  • Collaborate/work in Partnership with all federal agencies and international organizations
  • Promote intercultural dialogue

Creativity & IDEA development

Supporting Nigerians, NGOs, and individuals to develop and communicate abstract, concrete, or visual concepts; in finding new solutions for practical problems in all fields of life and work through:

  • The 5W+H Method (The Who, what, where, when, why, and how?)
  • Social Listening
  • Brainstorming
  • Role-Playing
  • Use of Online Tools
  • Mind Mapping
  • Think In Reverse